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1. An agency collects census information within a country to determine healthcare and social program needs by province and city.

The census form collects responses for approximately 500 questions from each citizen.

Which combination of algorithms would provide the appropriate insights? (Select TWO )

A. The factorization machines (FM) algorithm
B. The Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) algorithm
C. The principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm
D. The k-means algorithm
E. The Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithm


2. An online reseller has a large, multi-column dataset with one column missing 30% of its data A Machine Learning Specialist believes that certain columns in the dataset could be used to reconstruct the missing data.

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A Machine Learning Specialist working for an online fashion company wants to build a data ingestion solution for the company\’s Amazon S3-based data lake.

The Specialist wants to create a set of ingestion mechanisms that will enable future capabilities comprised of:

1. Real-time analytics
2. Interactive analytics of historical data
3. Clickstream analytics
4. Product recommendations

Which services should the Specialist use?

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